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Thanks to all who have registered as a Burke Beach House user. The users permitted to make reservations extend to the direct children and grandchildren of Dr. Burke, and not to their spouses and children, to avoid confusion and/or overlapping of reservations in the system. If anyone else would like to spend time at the beach house, please contact a registered user to make the reservation, and put in the comments area who the reservation is for. Example, John Burke made reservations for cousin Marilyn, and put this in the comments section.

However, any family member is welcome to register for an account to view the calender!

Due to numerous expenses for continued upkeep and improvements, we have had to increase the per night fee to $100. This will apply only during the vacation dates of the last two weeks in June through the first two weeks of September. The rest of the year will remain the same as before ($25 per night). -John Burke

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